About Us

All of our products are made here on the Hamakua Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. Our attention to detail and rare old-school craftsmanship reflects our values and commitment to Hawaii's culture and roots. Our family and business values include: respecting and caring for our environment; a woman's right to choose; support for, and and compassionate treatment of, immigrants in our country and around the world; and working towards a multicultural and balanced community, such as we have here in Hawaii.

Our lifelong woodworking experience goes into each piece we make, while our relationship to community and family has shaped the business model. Our business includes roles for our grown children, as well as for our friends and fellow woodworkers on the coast, whom we count as  Ľohana (extended family). This helps the economy of our community as well as giving us a creative resource far deeper than what we would have if we were a stand-alone operation. It's also a lot more fun!

We make a variety of wood products that are all about Hawaii and make fabulous gifts. On our website we offer our koa hairbrushes and our koa billed hats, made using exquisite koa wood, grown and milled up-slope from our shop on the Hamakua Coast of the Island of Hawaii. All the wood we use is sustainably harvested from dead fall trees and fallen limbs and we have designed our products to use smaller cuts that might otherwise be left to rot in a scrap pile. Our home and shop are powered by a large array of solar panels we installed a few years back. All our woodwork is done using the energy of the sun under lighting provided by the same.


Winter selecting wood from one of our koa stacks

Dave by the fire smiling in the rain with Haka Dog